Bonnie & the groove Cats


Bonnie Cat (Gesang)

Buster / Ueli Hofstetter(Double- Bass/ E- Bass/ Gitarre accoustic)

Didi Meier (E-Gitarre/ Gitarre- accoustc/ Mandoline)

Sticky Etienne Issartel(Drum)

The wild 50s brought optimism, skinny jeans, hot guys and sexy girls and – Rock and Roll. This new way of life swept into Switzerland into the furthest valleys and gave everyone a good kick up the backside. That’s the background of “Bonnie & the groove Cats” who mix up R’n’R with Blues and Soul, and the style of 50ies with the energy of 2016. Founded in 2013, “Bonnie & the groove Cats” recorded 3 albums and played 150 shows – the band is cooking and ready to go further. With the stylish frontgirl Bonnie, with a powerful young drummer and two old foxes on guitar and bass, the band rocks your socks off and shows how much they are into music!!!